Stephan Meier appointed CEO of OpenFunds Investment Services to foster further growth and broaden fund offering

March 2021

Stephan Meier has long and broad experience in the financial sector. His previous roles include 17 years at UBS, both as a fund manager and product developer. He held senior positions as the CEO of Bellevue Asset Management and head of Clariden Leu Asset Management. His most recent position was with Artico Partners, a quant investment boutique based in Zurich. Stephan rejoins OpenFunds Investment Services, which he cofounded with board members Siro Zavonello, Wolfgang Landl and Craig Reeves in 2013.


Siro Zavonello remarks: “We are very happy that Stephan has decided to rejoin OpenFunds Investment Services, having been our partner at the start of company. His background as investment specialist and product developer will serve OpenFunds well in broadening it’s fund offering in the coming years."


Stephan Meier replied: “I am very happy to join OpenFunds Investment Services again. I hope to deepen our market position, leveraging my network and to bring new fund ideas to the Swiss market. OpenFunds unique business model of combining the function of a legal representative for foreign funds with a seasoned and experienced sales force puts us in an excellent position to attract top quality investment boutiques to the Swiss market.“