Are you tired of making blind investment decisions, unsure of how your portfolio will perform in different market conditions? Prisma is your complete solution for creating, backtesting, and enhancing any portfolio

Prisma revolutionises investment management. The user-friendly platform helps you build a customised portfolio based on your objectives and risk tolerance. Prisma also allows you to test your portfolio against historical data, providing a clear view of its performance under different market conditions.

What really sets Prisma apart? Advanced risk indicators. From volatility to correlation, Prisma provides you with comprehensive metrics to make informed decisions.

But the real magic lies in Prisma's insights for strategic asset allocation. With just a few clicks, you can optimise your portfolio for maximum returns while respecting your investment parameters.

Don't rely on guesswork. With Prisma, you can confidently navigate your asset allocation and invest smarter.

What can Prisma do for you?

The Alquant Prisma Platform: What is it?

The Alquant Prisma platform gives financial institutions and advisors tools to manage market extremes in a customized, rational, and data-driven way, allowing them to proactively address hedging challenges and reap their benefits. They don't need to have prior knowledge of quantitative finance, programming, or data science.

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