OpenFunds new collaboration with GAMA Asset Management

April 2024

OpenFunds Investment Services is delighted to announce our partnership with GAMA Asset Management, an independent and highly specialised manager of fixed income assets and investment research provider based at Geneva.


GAMA is a pure asset manager majority owned by its investment team. Its independence assures perfect alignment of interest with their investors. 


Central to GAMA's philosophy is the commitment to long-term, sustainable performance. This is achieved through a distinctive investment strategy, meticulously crafted with their clients' objectives at the forefront. This strategy is enriched by the varied and global experiences of their team, providing a comprehensive perspective on fixed income management. 


GAMA distinguishes itself by adopting a “radically transparent” approach to communication, ensuring clarity and trust in its methods and objectives.


Founded in 2019 by Manuel Streiff, GAMA has adeptly managed assets exceeding CHF 400 million.