• Filing of the funds intended for non-qualified investors with FINMA;
  • Review and set up legal representation agreements based on SFAMA model;
  • Review fund names with respect to legal requirements;
  • Check advertising material, including fund offering documents, against Swiss legal requirements;
  • Update fund providers on relevant regulatory developments in the Swiss fund market.


  • Review and set up distribution agreements based on SFAMA model;
  • Act as the legal party to distribution agreements for Swiss and foreign distributors;
  • Supervise distribution partners on regulatory requirements;
  • Review distributors at least annually in light of Swiss regulation.


  • Point of contact for Swiss investors;
  • Provide fund documentation;
  • Deal with investor complaints.
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Legal representative services

Roger Stoffel

Distribution services

Siro Zanovello

General enquiries

Olivier Lehmann

Zurich Office

Seefeldstrasse 35
8008 Zurich

Phone: +41 44 500 3108

Lugano Office

Via S. Balestra 27
6900 Lugano

Phone: +41 44 500 3109

Geneva Office

rue de la Cloche 8
1201 Geneva

Phone: +41 44 500 3175